Olivier Contant

CIO Quick Division inc. Montreal

Olivier Contant

I had to evaluate the CDS security detection tool by the startup StreamScan, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. 

First and foremost, the tool allowed us, for example, to detect unknown infected computers in our network, despite the existence of anti-virus on these computers. One of the anti-virus had been corrupted by the malware, and in other cases, the anti-virus did not detect it. We would have probably defined it as a false positive if it had not been for network trace reports that convinced us that there was indeed a malicious activity.

 Secondly, we are starting to see more and more devices that are not managed at the corporate level (iPad, smartphone, etc.) on our network, and it was impossible for us to know if one of these devices was a threat to our IT infrastructure. So, we voluntarily infected a phone to see if the tool would detect it. Soon after the infection, the tool sent us an alert about this phone. With this new tool, we have the opportunity to know if a device not integrated into the corporate domain is a threat to the corporate network.

The tool is intuitive, and the alerts it generates are accompanied by a file that contains network traces, which can facilitate investigations.”


Igor Perilla

IT Director, Station Internet, Longueuil, Canada

Igor Perilla

Since we use the CDS to protect our network, we have peace of mind. Cyber threats are detected and blocked automatically.”


Claude Vigeant, Ing.

President OKIOK, Laval, Canada

Claude Vigeant, Ing.

The use of adaptive methods based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, constitute the best way to counter the new generation of fast evolving threats against which signature based tools are ineffective.”


Sid Zerbo, Ing.

CEO Royal Systems, Montreal, Canada

Sid Zerbo, Ing.

The CDS of StreamScan allowed us to detect and block threats that our current security tools could not detect. It has definitely allowed us to enhance the security of our network.”

We have been using the CDS in our network for several months. Since the installation of the CDS, we have not had any security problems, because the tool can detect threats in real time. This is something that our old protection systems did not allow.”

Nestor Tapsoba

Cyber security specialist, National Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT), Ouaga, Burkina Faso

We were impressed by the speed of anomaly detection in the CDS. The CDS helped establish a map of recurring threats that target the Togolese cyberspace, in the context of the establishment of the National Incident Response Center of Togo (CERT Togo)”

Fabrice Bagolibe

Cyber security specialist, Telecoms and Posts Regulatory Authority (ART&P), Togo

The CDS is a very good product which brings visibility to the network, and which allowed us to find attacks that were not detected by our current security systems.”


QITX, Montreal